The purpose of the program is to present the students a structure that is prioritized and preferred in the area of economics and finance in which they will be trained. For this purpose the program embodies faculty members and provides a curriculum and research opportunities through providing all the theoretical and practical set of knowledge that is required by the field. It is desired that the students, together with enriching themselves with the academic attributes that their departments present, come forth as individuals equipped with ethical values in relation to both academic and Professional necessities. The program presents rich fundamental content in the areas of economics and finance. Therefore, it is essential that upon graduation, the students become individuals with solid theoretical knowledge and strong in terms of analytical skills and quantitative methods, and most importantly, to become individuals with the ability to understand the relationship between theoretical and practical dimensions who can uncover the country’s potential and raise the country standards. In this regard, it is among the essential goals of the program to train high-level executive candidates who can improve the current states of the competitive sectors that are part of the Turkish economy. The university’s physical infrastructure and financial status will considerably facilitate the attainment of the recourses that the students need. Moreover, through its structure which makes multidisciplinary education, behavioral and knowledge improvement possible, the department presents itself as a clearly advantageous and preferable choice which will significantly enrich the goals of the students. In addition, opportunities which will help the students to reach their goals after completing their education will be provided by the department by creating added value through the relationships that will be established with the sectors and industries.