As international economic borders grow more and more intense, the flow of goods and services as well as capital flow have been the critical elements of effective production and trade. Since the boundaries of both service and production investments of Turkish businessmen are expanding, the number of companies looking for employees to work abroad is also rapidly increasing. In this respect, the program aims to generate graduates with strong theoretical background, analytical skills and numerical methods; more importantly, to make them understand the interaction of the theoretical and practical dimensions of their field by providing a rich content in the areas of business, economics, finance and thus to enable the participation of individuals in the workforce, which will bring out the potential of the country and raise its standards. Providing basic information for students’ systematic thinking is one of the primary goals. Therefore, the curriculum is designed in such a way as to enable students to develop analytical thinking, use appropriate methods in accordance with their disciplines and observe the results of these practices. As a result of the successful completion of the program, senior executive candidates will be trained who will take the current positions of competitive sectors of the Turkish economy forward. The physical infrastructure and conditions of the university make it possible for students to obtain convenience to reach the resources they need. Furthermore, the program generates a distinct advantage and an element of preference by enabling the enrichment of students’ goals with its multidisciplinary education, knowledge and structure that enables the development of manners. In addition, sectoral relationships will create surplus value and offer opportunities to help students reach their goals after their education life.