The main aim of the Management Information Systems program (curriculum) is to prepare graduates for the informatics proficiency required by companies. Graduates will be able to analyze the business problems and develop solutions fort he needs based on information system and will be able top implement these solutions. Management Information Systems (MIS) encompasses the whole of human-process-technology, which provides information to support an enterprise’s process flow, management and decision making functions. The MIS generates solutions to problems in management and operations by using information to acquire and present the business information through computer systems. It uses system, hardware, software, analysis, planning, control and decision making models and database. Graduates will be able to work as software project managers, data analysts, consultants, programmers, system administrators, database administrators and similar positions. Academic education consists of eight semesters. Once students have knowledge of different basic business functions, then they are directed to gain expertise about software development, project management, system analysis, databases. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems.