Department of Maritime Business and Management is in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The development of the business science and maritime industry has also required such a multi-disciplinary work within the faculty of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. As a result, there was a need for an area that was created on the basis of business knowledge and allowed to specialize in the direction of maritime businesses. Foundation business management; Which is structured to include ship, port, marina and coastal facilities, onshore maritime businesses, international maritime organizations and similar business administrations focused on maritime business; While the first two years overlap with the classical management departments, the last two years have been devoted to mainly maritime business. The proposed program is tangible to meet a very important requirement from a conjectural point of view. Today, around 500 gross tons of seas and 104,000 ships are circulating the world and at least 1 million university graduates are employed in the ships themselves. On the other hand, many more university graduates who are involved in the operation and services of these vessels are still working on land. Therefore, in terms of maritime economy and management, an important job creation and management of the enterprise in the future is required in this case in the enterprises which are in the right of maritime. While providing services for forwarders, brokers, port operators, warehouse services and gyms both at sea and at sea requires both maritime and economic knowledge, the sector also requires a basic level of maritime knowledge. Also in the academic world, the demand and tendency in this direction is noteworthy. The need for professional, competent and educated leaders in the sector is also increasing. Ports and marinas, maritime marketing and advertising expertise positions, insurance, P & I Clubs, Lloyds, specialized financial institutions in maritime, maritime assets, maritime transport, maritime transport, maritime transport, maritime transport services, forwarders and brokers serving these companies, , Specialized companies in the valuation of facilities and ships, shipbuilding and subsidiary industries and marine tourism companies.