The faculty is at Tuzla, Istanbul campus.

Students who enter with their numerical score in the Measuring, Selection and Placement Exam receive a “PRU Maritime Faculty Marine Engineering Undergraduate Diploma” after 1 year of English Preparatory and 4 years of undergraduate education. Students are required to wear uniforms.
The Marine Engineering curriculum basically aims to prepare students for oceangoing watchkeeping engineer duties on maritime vessels. Academic education consists of eight semesters. Following primarily mathematics, physics, chemistry and basic engineering courses, students specialize in engineering related to electrical, electronics and control engineering as well as the operation of ship machinery. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering and entitled to take the Seafarers Exam (GASM). Our students who are successful in the GASM exam can work in maritime companies and ships as “Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer “. Our curriculum is fully compliant with STCW* 2010.

Job Opportunities

Graduates may work as Oceangoing 2nd engineer and Oceangoing chief engineer on oceangoing ships, respectively, following the term as Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer on suitable ships. Graduates may also find employment as engineers responsible for the maintenance and handling of ships and as technical heads of merchant fleets. Graduates can practice their profession in a wide range of fields, especially in the field of energy and in the hotel management technical services of the tourism industry.

* STCW: Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping

As a marine engineer you may work in the following four sectors:

  1. Oceangoing watchkeeping engineer/ 2nd engineer /chief engineer on ships
  2. Shipbuilding and ship repair shipyards
  3. Government and Navy and Coast Guard
  4. Other industries (such as hotels, commercial complexes, manufacturing, education, oil rigs, and port management)