The faculty is at Tuzla, Istanbul campus.

Students who enter with their analytical score in the Measuring, Selection and Placement Exam receive a “PRU Maritime Faculty Maritime Transportation Management Engineering Undergraduate Diploma” after 1 year of English Preparatory and 4 years of undergraduate education. Students are required to wear uniforms.

Based on the education at Maritime Transportation Management Engineering Department (Deck Department), deck officers are trained in a program leading to the degree as the Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation and Management. The curriculum pursued by, and certificates issued by the Maritime Faculty at Piri Reis University are fully compliant with the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW standards-STCW 2010) set by the International Maritime Organization IMO.

The curriculum is both monitored by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, which is assigned by International Maritime Organization, and Turkish Government and the Council of Higher Education of Türkiye. The program also incorporates the seagoing training phase required by STCW, leading the graduates to be both awarded a Bachelor of Science degree and fulfill the educational requirements of STCW Deck Officers, both at the operational and managerial levels.

The operational level certified by a state-administered examination permits the graduate to reach the 2nd Officer position after the required seagoing service, the students can take further examinations to reach the positions at management level (First Mate and Master for the deck department).

Job Opportunities

Besides the oceangoing jobs within merchant marine, experienced graduates are highly desired as the administrative personnel of shipping and marine-related companies such as in maritime business, port management, brokerage, marine insurance fields.