The Faculty of Law aims to provide its students with high quality legal education in both public and private law. As the Law Faculty of Türkiye’s first and only university specialized in maritime, it places special emphasis on the “Law of the Sea” in addition to its core law curriculum. Recognizing the great significance and interest that the “Sea” holds for Türkiye, our Faculty of Law leverages the expertise of our esteemed academic staff to prioritize the education and training of specialized lawyers in various branches of maritime law.  The primary goal of our faculty is to raise graduates who will have a strong social background and environmental awareness, as well as the ability to approach problems with a sense of responsibility, analytical thinking, and creative solutions.

Piri Reis University Faculty of Law is a member of prestigious international organizations such as the Association of European Law Faculties (ELFA) and the European Law Institute (ELI) and has a distinguished academic staff consisting of renowned academics who have proven their expertise in Türkiye and internationally. 

Faculty of Law: