Piri Reis University has a wide academic spectrum and offers various faculties and departments

-Scientific Productivity
-Work Discipline
-Universal values
-Originality and Innovation
-Freedom and Criticality
-Student Focus
-Collaboration with Stakeholders
-Respect for Differences and Human Rights
-Social Responsibility, Sustainability and Environmental Awareness
Scientific and Professional Ethics
-Academic Integrity



Faculty of Maritime

The Maritime Faculty at Piri Reis University is a specialized institution where deck and engineering department officers of the merchant navy are educated and trained.

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law aims to provide its students with high quality legal education in both public and private law. As the Law Faculty of Türkiye’s first and only university specialized in maritime, it places special emphasis on the “Law of the Sea” in addition to its core law curriculum.

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences ensures that each department provides staff, syllabuses, and research opportunities to effectively impart theoretical and practical knowledge in their respective fields.

Faculty of Engineering

Primary aim of Engineering Faculty is to train creative engineers who can successfully manage to work in the 21th century’s global competition environment having good communication and teamwork skills.

Institute of Graduate Studies

Master Programs and PhD Programs

Maritime Higher Vocational School (MHVS)

Maritime Higher Vocational School, which was established in 2014, offers two-year associate degree education and has maritime-themed programs.

English Prep Department

Piri Reis University English Preparatory Department is committed to providing an exceptional education that lays the foundation for lifelong success and offers a transformative educational experience that prepares students to thrive in an ever-changing world.