Based on the “Conditions and Explanations of Higher Education Programs Included in Table 3 and Table 4 (Part 2 Conditions)” (kkilavuz27072023di.pdf ( page: 594) the following criteria are applicable for prospective students to the below mentioned programs of the Maritime Higher Vocational School:

Maritime Transportation and Management Program

Marine Engineering Program

Maritime and Port Management Program

Marina and Yacht Management Program

Mechatronics Program

“In order to enroll in this program, students;

  1. must fulfill the legal requirements related to enrollment, acceptance, and health conditions in Educational Institutions as specified in the Regulation on Seafarers and Pilot Captains and the Directive on the Training and Examination of Seafarers and Pilot Captains.
  2. are required to obtain the “Seafarer “Fit for Duty” Health Report” approved at the Health Examination Center in accordance with the procedures and principles determined in the Seafarer Health Directive published by the General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health and obtain the Seafarer Health Check Certificate.

Maritime Higher Vocational School Student Attire

Piri Reis University Student Handbook

Article 24. 1) Students enrolled in programs at the Maritime Vocational School that grant seafarer status wear professional uniforms in accordance with the relevant legislation.

2) Students registered in the first and second semesters must wear first-year insignias on their uniforms, while students registered in the third and fourth semesters must wear second-year insignias.


Cookery Program Attire

Regulation regarding the obligation to wear uniforms during practical classes in Culinary Arts and Gastronomy departments:

Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Livestock – FOOD HYGIENE REGULATION Personnel hygiene section ARTICLE 17 – (1) All personnel working in areas where food is handled must maintain personal hygiene with the utmost care, wear clean and, when necessary, appropriate protective clothing.

Maritime Higher Vocational School, which was established in 2014, offers two-year associate degree education and has maritime-themed programs.

11 programs that are taught at the Maritime Higher Vocational School are listed below:

  1. Maritime Transportation and Management Program
  2. Marine Engineering Program
  3. Ship Construction Program
  4. Underwater Technology Program
  5. Maritime and Port Management Program
  6. Marina and Yacht Management Program
  7. Maritime Brokerage Program
  8. Mechatronics Program
  9. Logistics Program
  10. Computer Programming Program
  11. Cookery Program

A note has been added to our seafarer training programs in the list above. Practical training for these programs is carried out in simulators- and in training facilities such as a training pool, a fire training facility, and a first aid classroom, in accordance with the STCW contract.

The Maritime Transportation and Management program prepares its graduates for merchant maritime deck officer duties. Our graduates can work on ships as watchkeeping officers after completing their 12-month offshore internship.

The Marine  Engineering program prepares its graduates for engineer officer positions on maritime merchant ships. Our students who have completed their internship and graduated from the Marine Engineering program can work as Engine Officers.

The Ship Construction Program basically aims to prepare students for duties in shipyards and repair facilities. At the same time, it is aimed at gaining qualifications that will enable them to find a job as a technician responsible for the maintenance of ships or as a technical staff member in charge of the repairs of commercial ship fleets.

The Underwater Technology Program aims to train qualified personnel to work in marine rescue, marine research, and in a wide area underwater. Theoretical and practical training is given to train intermediate staff for the Underwater Industry sector.

The Maritime and Port Management Program prepares graduates for merchant maritime deck officer duties as well as for work in administrative and technical positions in maritime and port operations.

The Marina and Yacht Management Program aims to train maritime officers and marina operators who will take part in yachting and marina operations and can work as captains of large-capacity yachts.

The Maritime Brokerage Program aims to train staff who have a command of all the details of ship management and ship brokerage, have basic management and organization knowledge, and can work for all local and international companies in the field of brokerage. Maritime Brokerage program is the first and only associate degree program in this field in Turkey. We apply our courses in this field in accordance with the lesson plans of the International Ship Brokers Institute and in coordination with the Turkish Ship Brokers Association.

The Mechatronics Program basically aims to prepare students for Electro-Technical Officer duties on merchant ships. Our graduate students who have completed their internship obligations can work on ships as Electro-technical officers.

The Logistics Program aims to train logistics experts who have basic management and business knowledge in the field of logistics.

The Computer Programming aims to train programmers who have received basic computer science knowledge, can produce software using different and up-to-date programming languages, and can easily adapt to technological developments.

The Cookery Program aims to train specialists who are competent to work mainly in the kitchen and service section of food and beverage businesses on ships, prepare and serve food and beverages, implement a business plan, have a developed sense of smell and taste, and have received the necessary maritime training to work on ships.

Maritime Higher Vocational School: