Due to increasing dependency on natural resources at today’s technological and industrial developments, utilizing the scarce resources has become one to the most critical areas of research. Given these constantly evolving business and working conditions, more and well-educated industrial engineers are demanded to occupy in various sectors because the industrial engineering profession is a branch of engineering that involves human, machines, materials, and similar elements and develops system, model, and method to analyze, plan, organize, monitor, and improve manufacturing and service systems.
In this context, the skills and competencies of graduates expected by any sector in industry are also changing, rendering the standard industrial engineering curriculum ineffective in satisfying such expectations. Our industrial engineering department applies a contemporary and pioneering curriculum aiming to educate and prepare competent engineers that meet the expectations and the requirements of industry. The courses especially designed and periodically revised with such considerations to make our department highlighted. Our graduates with enough level of technical and managerial knowledge can work in any field to determine, identify, analyze, and solve complex problems in manufacturing or service sectors. Moreover, because of changing conditions in future, the students are also taught to have the ability to follow scientific and technological achievements and renew themselves.
In short, we are expecting to see you in our university both to have the world-class education of industrial engineering enriched by experienced academicians and to be familiar with Türkiye’s social and cultural life.

Work Opportunities

Our graduates work in various sectors in industry at different capacities (engineer, supervisor, manager), some of which are as follows, quality control and management, logistics and supply chain management, production planning and control, marketing, human resources and so on. These fields are prominent in the functioning of almost all public and private manufacturing and service companies in national and international environments. Industrial engineers can advance their academic careers by studying towards higher degrees in various fields of industrial engineering.